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So, like many around these parts, I've noticed dA is kind of failing. The front page is a mess, it's hard to just straight up find new art, and the community seems to be pretty weak too. I loved when originally I could have the front page set to the newest art and I'd get whatever people had just uploaded. Now it's all this stuff that I don't want to read and only work that's already popular from artists who are not necessarily overrated, but so exposed on here. I love Sakimi-chan. I watch her. But every front page has yet another one of her pieces on it and the same artists are featured over and over. (She's just an example, as she's a great user who puts up amazing work and amazing tutorials, so it's not personal.)

Tumblr has become the place a lot of people update first, and I think a major reason for that is if something is in the sketch category, dA stuffs it off where no one can find it unless they look. On the other hand, I think Tumblr is a much weaker community, and that's why I remain on dA. Sure you can post art and people can reblog it, ask questions, etc, but it isn't designed for the interaction. That said, so much of the community is underutilized on dA. I particularly feel this way when any artist (popular or not) won't respond to a comment. So many have all sorts of comments on a piece and never respond to a single one. It seems so high and mighty... "Love me people, but I am above you and will never acknowledge I've read anything you've written because I'm so great and cannot be bothered." Honestly, it's what it feels like. And this isn't saying they should respond to every single comment. But how is it a community when you don't even want to interact with people who really like your art?

Anyway, I understand dA's changes as they were losing steam with so many moving to tumblr, but I wish some things would change back. The articles featuring specific types of art are really cool, but let us look at art on the front page first before we have to scroll through articles we might not be interested in. And most importantly, I wish users of this site would try to keep the community alive, as that's what drew us all here in the first place. The staff is doing what it can, but it would be amazing to have the people that long ago found a home here to keep striving and make it feel like one. I've been here 12 years, and it isn't just because it was a place to display my art.

What are your opinions?


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You said you wouldn't draw that much because you lines are all shaky
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I hope you'll respond soon
And thank you already !! x
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